Fencing Contractors in Lititz, PA

When fence installation in Lititz is on your to-do list, choosing the right company to install your new fence can make a big difference. At Hometown Fencing, we take pride in our attention to detail with fence installation and the quality of our vinyl, wood, and aluminum fencing and related accessories and products. We also give you a wide range of top-quality fencing options, so you'll have no trouble finding something that's just right for your needs, preferences, and budget!

Vinyl Fencing in Lititz

A vinyl fence from Hometown Fencing is an excellent choice if you want something designed with maximum durability and minimal maintenance in mind. Affordable, versatile, and available in many different colors and styles, vinyl fencing is a great alternative to traditional fencing since it's not going to need repainting – and upkeep often involves nothing more than occasionally hosing it off. A vinyl fence is also a smart choice if you prefer fencing that is:

  • Resistant to damage from pests and moisture
  • Available in styles that mimic the look of wood
  • Lighter in weight than some other heavier fencing materials
  • Complementary to many different exterior surroundings

Lititz, PA, Aluminium Fencing

Aluminum fencing can fit in perfectly with any type of landscape in Lititz and any of the surrounding communities in this area. Affordable and durable, an aluminum fence can be a welcome addition to any yard because of the many different colors and styles you'll have to choose from. Also, because of the different fencing heights available with aluminum, you can choose a style that's higher if security is your main priority. This type of fencing also has the ability to "rack," which means it can work well in areas that curve or slope.

Wood Fencing in Lititz

Wood fencing has been a popular choice in the Lititz area for many years because it's a type of fencing that can be personalized and customized for many different purposes. With painting and staining alone, you can choose just about any color or texture you prefer with a wood fence. A protective coating can be added to ease any concerns you may have about moisture and pest damage when opt for a wood fence.


Prompt, Affordable Fence Installation

After you've selected your preferred fence, our experienced fence installation crew will arrive promptly to get everything set up as per your specifications. We'll bring the necessary equipment and supplies to your Lititz, PA, location. All you'll have to do is give us your approval of the results when everything is done. Our meticulous, customer-focused approach to fence installation in Lititz also includes:

  • Using only top-quality materials
  • Taking accurate measurements
  • Ensuring compliance with local ordinances and homeowners' association guidelines
  • Removing existing fencing if we're doing a replacement
  • Leaving no unusual gaps between or under fencing
  • Inspecting finished to work to make sure mounting is level
  • Cleaning up work areas before leaving

Versatile Railing Options for Lititz Property Owners

Complete your fencing update or installation with railing that's just as versatile and durable. Vinyl railing, in particular, is especially appealing since it can fit in well with all types of fencing. Our aluminum railing can also be a perfect fit on backyard or front porches, decks, patios, along exterior stairways, or in any other spot where railing is needed on your Lititz, PA, property.

Detailed-Oriented Railing Installation in Lititz

Our seasoned contractors in Lititz, PA, are prepared to handle your railing installation as efficiently as possible from start to finish. After all decisions have been made, our installation specialists will arrive on time with everything necessary to get your railing set up as per your preferences. A railing installation can be a standalone job, or we can combine it with the installation of a new fence. Our meticulous railing installation process involves:

  • Proper railing and handrail anchoring
  • Removing and disposing of older railing that's being replaced
  • Double-checking railing alignment and spacing


Pergolas and Mailboxes Perfect for Your Lititz, PA, Exteriors

Hometown Fencing is pleased to be your trusted source for two other equally beneficial and appealing outdoor accessories – pergolas and mailboxes. Our skilled installers can add a beautiful, open pergola to your property if you want a perfect spot to entertain and relax. Because of the way a pergola's posts and lattices are designed, your new structure can allow in plenty of natural light while also serving as a home for your favorite plants.

Our mailboxes are equally decorative and functional. If you're a Lititz, PA, homeowner preferring something a step above ordinary, you'll definitely be pleased with one of our high-quality mailboxes.

Experienced Fence Contractors in Lititz, PA

Whether you prefer a vinyl, wood, or aluminium fence, the Hometown Fencing team is ready to get to work for you. We're also at your service if you need railing, pergolas, or mailboxes replaced or installed. Contact us today to explore your options and receive an estimate.

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