Vinyl Privacy Fencing in Lancaster, PA

Enjoy a perfect blend of classic designs and modern materials with a vinyl privacy fence available from Hometown Fencing. Versatile, affordable, and available in a variety of colors and styles, including some that mimic wood and other materials, vinyl privacy fencing can be a welcome addition to any property in Lancaster County, or nearby communities.

Why Choose a Vinyl - PVC Fence for Your Backyard?

Vinyl fencing is the ideal choice for homeowners looking for a beautiful fence that both compliments their backyard and requires little to no upkeep throughout the year. Our vinyl fences are five times stronger than wood and come in multiple design and color options.

One of the most appealing aspects of vinyl fencing is its low maintenance requirements. Other than the occasional hosing off with soap and water, vinyl fencing doesn’t require maintenance. You won't have to repaint or refinish your vinyl fence, and you won't have to worry about rust, blisters, cracks, or peeling. Also, as a result of being made from non-organic material, vinyl fencing won’t succumb to pest infestation. Vinyl fencing is also environmentally friendly as it uses little to no fossil fuel during its production and is a recyclable material.

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Vinyl- PVC Fence Installation

At Hometown Fencing we pride ourselves on providing prompt and quality vinyl fence installation. As a homeowner you won’t have to trouble yourself with the intricacies of fence installation and you won’t have to worry about the structural integrity of your fence as our experienced installers will ensure that your vinyl fence installation is sound and in accordance with the best industry practices. We’ll also work with you to account for any specific needs you may have such as pools or other backyard structures. And if you have an existing fence, we can remove, and properly dispose of it.

Quality Vinyl Privacy Fencing for Lancaster County Residents

When it comes to vinyl fencing, look no further than the professionals at Hometown Fencing. Our experienced team has the knowledge and know-how to help you select and then install the perfect vinyl fence that both enhances and contributes to the atmosphere of your backyard. Discover the difference today when you work with us. We pride ourselves on being local fencing contractors that you can trust, not just for quality work, but for advice and guidance through the selection and installation process. Contact us today to learn more or get started on your new vinyl fence project!